Due to COVID-19, Inner Cycle's studio locations are temporarily closed. However, you can still #loseyourself with us through our online LIVE classes on and off the bike! Click for full schedule.

Too often we hear people saying, “Ugh, I have been eating so bad, I need to work out!”  or “I NEED to drop x number of pounds; I need to get on the bike!”  We do not believe in riding as penance for enjoying food, and while our studios are a place where people can drop some lbs, we believe The Inner Cycle offers far greater benefits.  So, while you mull over whether to buy that unlimited class pack that’s been sitting in your cart for a few days, consider these selling points…

Increased Energy.  We cannot tell you how many times we have driven to class feeling exhausted, resisting the urge to turn around and go home to a nice cozy couch.  But every time we went, we left class feeling more energized, often arriving home to tackle the to-do list that had been sitting there for days.  Inactivity breeds inactivity, and conversely, activity breeds activity!  If you want more pep in your step, #SADDLEUP!

Community Connection.  At The Inner Cycle we pride ourselves on our down-to-earth, uniquely awesome and diverse community of riders. These riders become friends who support each other both in and out of the saddle.  They ride together for charity, bounce around to local breweries for sweat crawls, and relax by the lake on IC retreats!  It is a community of sometimes unlikely friends who gather for a united sweat.  And if you don’t know us, you should.  We are pretty fun.

Confidence.  The bike provides a safe space for ALL fitness levels.  The beauty of our dark room and your personal private workout vehicle is that although we may cue high resistance and speed, you are free to do what works for you.  And guess what—no one around you knows the difference!  You are welcome to come and grow without judgment, and without bright lights and wrap-around mirrors that may make you feel insecure or on-display.  Eliminating these anxieties will allow you to grow and push yourself.  You will gain confidence with every new achievement, big or small.  Ain’t no better feeling than reaching the top of a big-ass hill, music blaring, sweat dripping off your face—I dare you not to feel like a Rockstar.

Escape.  Our favorite thing about the bike is that the moment the lights go out, and the music goes on, we tend to forget about that crazy thing our mother-in-law said to us earlier that morning.  Life is filled with SO MUCH NOISE, and it is our job to learn how to quiet it for ourselves.  For us, the bike is where it’s at.  Through the music, the sweat, the breath, and the push, we can temporarily zone out.  We leave class with a clear head and a little slice of calm—another mental breakdown avoided!

FUN.  When was the last time you rode on the elliptical machine for forty-five minutes and got off and thought, “wow, that was fun!”  Never.  Get your booty in the saddle and start singing out loud with Jessi, have Mel C. scream in your face about Tom Brady, or have a good laugh when Hooper starts banging on the walls.  In this small slice of you time, have some fun.  We all need it.

Of course, along the way your physical body might change—things might get a little smaller, and other thing might tighten up.  But more importantly, we hope the bike brings you a slice of peace in this sometimes crazy, overwhelming life.