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Anyone else waking up every morning a bit confused, wondering whether you are emerging from a strange sci-fi dream or into this new, unbelievable reality?  This is an unprecedently weird time, and we are all navigating this new space the best we can.  Some of us are working double-time from our new home office, while some are on the front-line tackling this beast head-on.  Some are managing a house full of too many kids, while others are alone feeling isolated and stir-crazy.  We are all in it—and despite our differences in circumstances, we are all digging deep, fighting hard, and trying to keep our shit together.  Now we certainly don’t have all the answers, but we thought we would offer a few suggestions for sanity for those who are interested.  So, without further ado, here are a few IC TIPS FOR KEEPIN’ IT COOL DESPITE THE CRAZY…

 LIMIT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.  Been waiting for the perfect time to purge some of the accounts you follow?  Here it is! As a general rule, pandemic content should consist of things that make you feel calm, and groundedAnything that makes you feel less-than should be thrown out the window.  God love Karen and her crop-top pushups and chalk-mosaics.  She’s just doin’ what works for her—but if it doesn’t work for you, pick her back up once we’ve flattened the curve.  Get your news (when you need it) from real and reputable sources, and then fill the rest of your feed with like-minded, inspiring, belly-laughing content.


I should be homeschooling the kids.

I should be eating better.

I should be limiting screen time.

I should be working out more.

I should be doing more random acts of kindness.

I should be meditating.

I should be more productive.

 WE SHOULD PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.  Yeah, we will.  We will punch you in the face if you keep that up! YOU ARE DOING GREAT. However you are doing it, IT IS GREAT.  We promise.

DO WHAT FEELS GOOD.  Contrary to (un)popular belief, now is NOT the time to attack your new big goals, make huge changes to “better yourself”, or increase your productivity.  We are in the middle of a pandemic.  A fucking crisis.  Right now, we need to take care of ourselves and our family members.  We need to feel safe and keep our heads above water.  We need to allow ourselves grace and do what feels good.  And because that is likely different for everyone, here is a non-exhaustive list of things that might make you feel good, all of which are equally acceptable…taking a walk, eating cake, reading a book, laying in bed, hugging your kids, binging a show, taking a spin class, having a good cry, staring at a wall, having a dance party, playing video games, calling a friend, making a cocktail, doing pushups, and eating a whole pan of rice crispy treats. 

 STAY CONNECTED.  Even our greatest introverts can agree that this is too much distance.  We all have our people and our people are important!  Everyone is missing someone—their hugs, their pop-ins, their jokes, their support—and while it is certainly not equaled to the in-person experience, we have to feel very lucky to live in this facetime/zoom generation!  So, even if you aren’t typically a Facetime person—call your best friend and make each other laugh.  Take one of our Zoom classes and reconnect with the instructors and riders you are missing so much!  Grab your group of friends and download the Marco Polo app and send each other weird video messages to get each other through this unprecedented time.  We need each other, even more than we think we do.

CELEBRATE THE MOMENTS.  Days are long, stress is high, and tantrums are plenty.  Still, I bet we can all find a moment—even if it really is only one single moment—of joy each day.  Celebrate those moments.  The sound of your kid’s belly laugh, the moment you saw your fiancé trip walking up the stairs, the beautiful flower you saw on your walk, the taste of that freshly baked-brownie, the feeling of finally making it to the top of a long climb—cling to it.  See it, feel it, and find something to be grateful for despite these scary, uncertain times.

FEEL THE FEELINGS.  When feelings come up, allow yourself to feel them.  IT IS OKAY TO FEEL SAD RIGHT NOW.  It is okay to feel anxious, unproductive, lost, confused and angry.  It is okay to have moments of self-loathing and moments of self-pitty.  ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE FEELING, ARE OKAY.  Life is upside down.  You don’t need to “fix” yourself.  Feel the feelings, recognize them, breath through them, and do your best to move on to the next thing.  Because this will end.  And you are strong.

We love you, IC!  We think about you all the time, and we hope that when you see our faces on the screen that we give you a smile, and a short reprieve from the madness. We will be back together soon and until then, stay safe, stay sane, and go easy on yourselves.