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Ohhhhh snap, the Holidays are over, the air is cold, and the sun sets before dinner. Google tells us that “seasonal depression” is a thing and we think they might be right. Something about the twinkly lights, Hallmark movies, and family gatherings (slash gifts) took the sting off the weather change. Then we partied into the New Year and now what? It’s time for sweatpants, electric blankets, hot chocolate, and automatic car starters, areweright?! It’s very easy to get lulled into a winter funk—so we are here to tell you to cheer up, because the warm sun will be back again soon, and winter can actually be kind of great!

We think you will find that embracing the cold can be very fun. Throw some snow pants on and hit that winter wonderland head on. Go skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing. Bundle up and take a walk in the woods when there is fresh snow on the ground—there is something awesome about making fresh tracks in the snow, where no one else has been. Act like a kid! Snow pants are kind of like a time machine, right?! So, hop in them and get weird—build a snowman, make a snow angel, and sled down that hill that looks a little too steep.

Forced indoor time can prove valuable and fun too! All those things you avoid doing in the summer because you are outside—do them now!   Take a class at a studio unfamiliar to you, or with a teacher you don’t know. Break out a new recipe and that Kitchen Aid that has been collecting dust while you were on the back-deck drilling for months. Play board games with your kids, explore a local museum, or find an indoor pool somewhere and enjoy a slice of summer. And if you are really crazy, tackle a puzzle. We dare you.

And because life is insane and we too often feel guilty taking very warranted and necessary breaks, use

some of the colder, darker days to curl up by fire and chill the eff out! Wrap yourself in your coziest blanket, start a fire, binge a show, read a book, drink a glass of wine and relax. Don’t stay there forever, don’t feel guilty, and simply enjoy the magic of a cozy winter day. It will provide for the perfect re-set.

In short, EMBRACE IT! Winter really will be over pretty soon, and it is the change of seasons that make those warmer months so enjoyable!