New to cycling or new to The IC? Don’t worry- we’ll take good care of you!


What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling, also known as “spin”, is a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes. An instructor leads the class through hills, sprints, and other simple moves for an intense, full-body cardiovascular workout in a dark setting accompanied by (loud!) music. Music and teaching styles will vary by instructor, but all will motivate you to ride hard and leave sweaty and feeling accomplished!

What to wear: Dress comfortably in form fitting clothes.


Do I need special shoes?

The bikes have stirrups that fit athletic sneakers, or clip into the pedals with SPD compatible cycling shoes. Footwear must be clean and dry for the safety of our riders and quality of the bikes. We do not rent shoes.


Is there a beginner’s class?

No, we do not have an official beginner’s class, but all beginners are welcome in any of the classes on the schedule. You control the resistance and the intensity of your ride. Our instructors will set you up properly on the bike and go over basics for you to ease in at your own pace. Please let us know that it is your first time cycling.

Is there parking?

Yes! Both locations offer plenty of free parking.


What should I bring?

You’re going to sweat! Bring a water bottle. We have complimentary filtered water and towels as well as water bottles and bottled water for sale. Leave your personal treasured items at home or in the car. We do not have lockers or showers. Personal items can be left in the cubbies in the lobby at the rider’s risk.

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