Procedures and Guidelines

(Updated March 2024)

  • All no-shows and late cancellations (within 8 hours of class) will be charged, (unlimited members and non-members). If using a class package, the class will be charged. For unlimited members, a no-show or late cancellation will result in a charge of $10, for student members, $5.
  • We will open the doors approximately 10 minutes before class begins and we ask that you please arrive on-time. Please note, classes begin at the scheduled time and the door may be locked after class begins. Refunds will not be made for lateness if the door is locked. 
  • Unless  you are a first responder on call, or need to have your phone during class for emergency reasons, we ask that you refrain from cell phone usage during class. *Please note, Inner Cycle staff or ambassadors may take pictures and video of the studio and riders during classes to be used promotionally and for social media purposes. 

*The Wait List

If a class is full you have the option to reserve a spot on the wait list. This is a real reservation and the cancellation policy applies. You must remove yourself from the wait list 8 hours or more prior to class or you will lose the ride if you get added and do not show up.  If you are added to class within 2 hours of class time, you will not lose the ride if you cannot make it, but please let us know so that we can notify the next person in line. We encourage you to use the wait list- it works!

You will be notified by email if you have been added to the class. You may also come down and hop into class if there is an open bike. Open spots will be released to waiting attendees at the start of class. If you are new to the studio, please come early to ensure you are properly set up on the bike or introduced to the format before class starts.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 8 hours prior to the start of class.  If you cancel your reservation within 8 hours of class time or do not show up for a reservation, you will lose the class. If you are an unlimited monthly member, your card will be charged a late cancellation fee of $10. Student monthly members will be charged $5 for a no-show or late cancellation. Wait list reservations are treated as real reservations and assume that you will get into the class. Please keep an eye on your email. If you have a wait list reservation, and you get added to the class, the 8-hour cancellation policy applies. If you are on the waitlist, but decide to make other plans, please take yourself off the wait list to avoid losing a ride or a no show charge. The class will be in your account to use another time.

Inclement Weather Policy

Our first priority is the safety of our riders and our instructors. Our second priority is your class!  We will use our best judgement and cancel classes with as much notice as possible. We will try to stay open if possible. The online schedule will always be accurate. Make sure you check before you head out for class! If we decide to cancel class, it will show as canceled (marked red) on the online scheduler and we’ll post on our social media pages. Now is a good time to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

If you are concerned about driving conditions, please wait to reserve until you’re sure you will make it. This helps to avoid late cancellations. The 8-hour cancellation policy will still be in effect, classes will not be refunded due to bad weather if class is held.


As a reminder, water and salt don’t play well with our floors and equipment. Leave your boots and wet sneakers in the lobby and ride with clean, dry footwear!


Class Passes

The online reservation system makes it quick and easy to reserve your class. You may purchase a single class, multiple-class packages, or an unlimited contract (3-month minimum). All packages have an expiration date. Please note the expiration date prior to purchasing. *All sales are final and non-refundable. .