FusionCycle with Fae Morrissey!


Created by The IC’s lovely and talented, Fae Morrissey, FusionCycle is a 50 minute cycling class which incorporates deep yoga and Pilates stretches on the bike.  The concept is “LESS IS MORE!”  Less talk, less distracting lyrics, and less stimulating lighting- It’s you, your body, & the bike. 

Each pose and stretch will be introduced individually, with the class ending in a vinyasa of all the poses.  This hybrid class will incorporate your favorite and challenging cycling moves in conjunction with effective stretches and breathing techniques with a strong focus on an endurance burn.

FusionCycle Debuts Next Friday, January 24th at 4:30pm. Sign Up Now to check it out for FREE!  Say goodbye to the week’s stresses, build a soulful mind-body connection, and leave class feeling completely rejuvenated!