Due to COVID-19, Inner Cycle's studio locations are temporarily closed. However, you can still #loseyourself with us through our online LIVE classes on and off the bike! Click for full schedule.

This past week, Justin spun his 100th ride at The Inner Cycle! He’s the first of our team to hit this great achievement.  After a salty, sweaty photo following class, I got to ask him a few questions. Justin was a spin virgin when we opened the doors in December.  He tried it out to support Emily and I and quickly became hooked. He’s since lost about 15lbs spinning with us 3-5x a week! Big Congratulations Justin! Here’s a little bit more on our very first inductee.


  • OCCUPATION: Conventional Mortgage Underwriter
  • STATUS: Single!
  • RESIDENCE: Beverly
  • FAVORITE THING ABOUT SPIN: “It’s never the same workout. Every ride is different depending on the instructor and the people in the class.”
  • FAVORITE POSITION (TO SPIN!): Seated climb
  • FAVORITE TIME TO SPIN: Evenings after work
  • FAVORITE FUEL: Loves beets!