Due to COVID-19, Inner Cycle's studio locations are temporarily closed. However, you can still #loseyourself with us through our online LIVE classes on and off the bike! Click for full schedule.

Have you been dying to try our new HIIT Cycle Circuit class with Nicole in North Reading??!!  We are giving you two chances to check it out this week by adding a pop up class tomorrow at 9am.  This is a killer new class, starting out with 25 minutes of HIIT intervals on the bike and ending with 25 minute of circuits in the common gym.  You’ll leave feeling sweaty and toned in all the right places!


VOTES are coming in close! If you think this crew is as amazing as we do cast your votes today!  We think you that you are absolutely the best, so if you think we are please take a minute to vote for us as the Best Spinning Studio on the North Shore this year!   #bons2018  Click on the link below, and then on the “Renew” category, and then “Spinning.”  Please cast your vote for “The Inner Cycle Beverly” to collect as many votes as we can.  Thank you for the support!


See you in the saddle, IC!

Hill & Em