We’ve been pretty lucky… but the snow is coming! Here is a quick reminder on our inclement weather policy:

Our first priority is your safety and the safety of our staff. Our second priority is your spin class! We will use our best judgement and cancel classes with as much notice as possible. If we cancel a class that you have registered for, we will notify you by email. The online schedule will always be current and reflect a canceled class. Please make sure you check the schedule before you head out for class! If we decide to cancel class, it will show as canceled (marked red) on the schedule and we will also post on our social media pages. Now is a good time to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! *If we have to cancel class, we will be getting our sweat on from home… so make sure you follow us to join in!

If you are concerned about driving conditions, please wait to reserve until you are sure you will make it. This helps to avoid late cancellations and empty bikes. *The 8-hour cancelation policy will still be in effect.

***As a reminder, water and salt don’t play well with our floors and equipment. Please leave your boots and wet sneakers in the lobby and ride with clean, dry footwear!


The Wait List

We’ve had a lot of questions recently about the wait list. It is a busier time of year so make sure you use the wait list- it works! There are always cancellations.

  • If the class is full and you add yourself to the wait list, you are in queue for an opening.
  • You will be notified by email if you make it into class, and the regular 8-hour cancellation policy applies.
  • If you are added to the class within 2 hours and you cannot make it, you will not be charged.
  • If you’ve added yourself to the wait list but later make other plans, please cancel the reservation just as you would with a regular reservation to move others up on the wait list. You would not be charged for removing your wait list reservation.
  • A reservation will be given to an anxious wait lister at the start of class.


Stay safe and have fun in the snow!
Hill & Em