Meet Nikki!


Nikki Murphy, formerly Nikki Cannon, is a diva spinner! This girl spun on her wedding day. Yes! Yes! Yes! On the morning of her big day we held a wedding spin for the beautiful bride. That was back this past summer. Now as a settled in wife, she puts down the knitting and strolls in with her ginormic sunglasses and fabulous attire a few times a week. She is a bubbly, doll of a girl but look out if you take “her bike”… Sometimes she’ll beat us to the studio, waiting patiently for us to unlock the doors to ensure she gets her spot. We love this girl!  Check out some more tidbits on the lovely Nikki below:

  • Residence: Salem (From Revere…)
  • Fav Restaurant: 43 Church
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook!
  • Something interesting about Nikki that you wouldn’t know: She’s a book worm that makes her own hats!
  • Fav Position (in spin!): Saddle sprints!
  • Fav Song to Spin to: Rihanna- Talk That Talk & anything Britney
  • Fav Fuel: Wine (yes, that counts), Cheese, Olives
  • Fav Quote:The cure for anything is salt water- tears, sweat, or the sea.