We are so excited to introduce IC’s new “challenge” group, Baby Bounce Back (BBB for short)! If you’re looking for health and wellness support when it comes to exercise, establishing healthy routines and getting used to life after baby, BBB could be right for you!  This program is all about making connections with yourself, and with a supportive group of like-minded parents in the same boat as you! IC Rockstar, Lauren, is a new(ish) Mom (of 3!) and is so ready to guide you towards a routine of work/family/self-care balance and is living proof that it’s all doable!

What does it include?

  • 3 month commitment to cycle 3x week/minimum
  • Assigned weekly fitness “homework”
  • Access to a private online Facebook page
  • Private 2x/month classes followed by support group gatherings to discuss goals, obstacles and wins!
  • Small-group support, high interest content and tools to help you meet your goals
  • Empowerment through fitness, health, personal growth and community
  • Before and after photoshoot
  • Private party/group class celebration
***Meeting/Private Class Dates will be held Saturdays at 4pm at Beverly location: 9/22 (exception- 12:30pm 9/22 only), 10/6, 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, final group meeting and photoshoot 12/15
***If you currently have a monthly unlimited pass, it will be put on hold for this series, and if you have an active ride card, it will be extended for 12 weeks.

What does it cost? 

  • $130 billed monthly for 3 months, includes unlimited spinning plus everything mentioned above!
  • *Please note this is a 12-week, non-refundable contract and will be billed in full if chosen to terminate the challenge early*

Why Join the BBB movement?

Bodies are beautiful, and so is your post-baby body! Having a baby rocks your mind, body, and soul! Establishing a healthy relationship with your post-baby body is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and your family. Having the support of motivated parents who are in the thick of it, just like you, is essential! Doing it all in a motivating and fun environment is the ultimate gift you can give yourself! At the IC we are real, we get it, and we are committed to wellness right alongside of you!

Space is limited!

Email us today to reserve your spot! Challenge dates are 9/22-12/15. The photoshoot/party will be held on Saturday, December 15th at the Beverly studio. We are looking for a committed group of Moms. The mandatory private classes will be held on Saturdays at 4pm in Beverly (*except for Saturday, 9/22 at 12:30pm)! The remaining weekly spins can be done at any of the IC locations.

Don’t wait, Momma, you deserve this!

See you in the saddle!

Hill & Em