Here at the IC we are confident that we have the best riders around.  We have built a community of badass, high energy, wonderful, intelligent, respectful people and we could not be prouder to call you ours.   But the truth is, even the best and brightest can have moments of forgetfulness—and lucky for you, we are here with a few gentle reminders.  So, grab a seat, take note, and enjoy–as we present to you our list of 10 IC Rider Etiquette Reminders…

1. HOLD THE PHONE.  Number one on our list and in our hearts—COOL IT WITH YA DAMN PHONES, PEOPLE!  Of course, we are supportive of you nervous parents with your kids at home with the babysitter, or those of you with a sick relative.  We know that there are times when you need your phone, and we totally understand when you must quietly exit class to use it in these circumstances.  But ya’ll—your friend wondering what time the Bachelorette is on CAN WAIT.  Don’t text.  Don’t grab Instagram video footage mid-class.  Don’t unlock your phone to check the time and expose your mega-bright screen that distracts other riders.  #LOSEYOURSELFINTHERIDE.  It’s good for you, we promise.

2. DOWN IN FRONT! We love the energy that our front row brings.  They often set the tone for the rest of the class and can serve as a great example for lots of our drills.  That being said—if you plan to do the Cotton Eye Joe while the rest of us are doin’ the Dougie, we kindly ask that you sit in the back of the class. It can be super distracting to both the instructor and other riders if we are cueing saddled sprints and you are doing standing tap backs.  Ya feel me?!

3. ZIP IT. We love that you and your bestie have chosen the IC as your meet up spot.  Working out with friends is how we built this beast!  But we need the bike to be a place where people can zone out of the craziness of life, or zone into themselves.  It’s not easy to focus when your neighbors are chatting about last nights’ escapades or catching up about the kids’ back to school activities.  So please save the chit-chat for before or after class.

4. STATS STATS STATS STATS STATS STATS. Do you really need the mid-class tracker check to tell you that you need to move your legs a little faster? C’mon. Just do your best, and check your output after class.

5. RSVP. We really don’t wanna be watching the clock hoping your still-in-bed ass is about to walk through the door.  If you know you aren’t coming, cancel online.  Free up the bike for someone else and give your instructor the courtesy so he/she can call on that waitlist.

6. COOL IT DOWN. So here’s the thing–if you need to leave early and skip the cool down, you better not be in the lobby gabbing after class.  Please stay for the cool down, and if you REALLY must leave, go all the way out the door.

7. SMELL YA LATER. Ain’t nobody wanna ride alongside the stinky guy.  Take showers, throw on some extra deodorant if you’re feeling funky, take a (SINGULAR!) towel to minimize sweat, and please wash your clothes generously.  (Note: workout clothes are kinda like underwear—should be an equal wash:wear ratio.) Applying copious amounts of perfume pre-ride has the opposite intended effect—we promise.  And if you happen to double down on beans before you arrive, sneak off to the restroom if need be.  A bad batch of beans out can really linger in a small, hot studio, and no one deserves that.

8. I’M NEW HERE. We love new riders!  We do not love new riders who allow us only twenty-two seconds before class to set up their bikes and teach them how to ride!  Arrive a little early, and don’t be too proud.  Allow us a few minutes to help show you the ropes.

9. OH, THIS IS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL. We would like to say that saving bikes is a pet-peeve, but guys, it’s freaking ILLEGAL.  Well, maybe not illegal, but it’s straight up not allowed. We know you wanna sit next to your bestie, Karen, and she is running a few minutes late but—sorry.  No savey the bikeys.

10. WHEN I SAY, “HEY!” YOU SAY, “HO!” It can be lonely on the stage, so show us some love!  And no one wants to teach to a bunch of dead fish.  We feed off your energy and enthusiasm, so don’t be afraid to give us a “WHOOP!” and let us know you are alive and feelin’ our class.

To sum it up, just be respectful—of your instructors, the studio, and your fellow riders.  And now that we are all on the same page, get your booties in the saddle and show everyone what you have learned!  Ready…GO!