Continuing with our month of #THANFKULNESS, and on the heels of opening our fifth (#hellyeah!) studio, we think it’s about time we gave a formal and public shout out to two very unsung IC heroes.  As the saying goes, “Behind every successful, badass, boss-babe there is a super supportive, feminist, rock solid dude.”  Maybe that’s not the saying, but it’s the truth (in our cases).  And while our names and faces are synonymous with our brand, we don’t think our guys get enough credit.  Ya see, our duo is really more like a foursome—and we want people to know that.  So here it is—our attempt at evening the score (a little) by showing them a little love.  So everyone, let’s give it up for Jon and Richie, the #MENBEHINDTHEMUSCLE.

Jon was born in 1980 to two loving parents.  Ha—just kidding.  Can you imagine if we tried to serve you a biography of our husbands right now?  Don’t worry, we know better. But for those of you who believe in fate and the universe and all that jazz, you should know that Jon and Rich met before we ever introduced them—far from home, on a college soccer team in Indiana.  So, you can imagine their surprise a few years after graduation after they had made their way back home to their respective hometowns (Danvers and Beverly) and were reunited as the boyfriends of a couple of crazy (and entrepreneurial) lifelong best friends.

Today, we are like one big family.  A well-oiled machine with the perfect balance of hard work, support, craziness, and talent.  So, what do the guys bring to the IC table besides their stunning good looks and incredible taste in women?  A lot.

Jon is our handyman.  He’s the hard hat/hammer and nails guy.  He is a fulltime property manager so he can fix it all–and if he can’t, he’s always ‘got a guy’.  Opening new studios, renovating old ones, hanging shelves, whatever—it wouldn’t happen without the big dude.

Rich is our tech talent.  Speakers, funky lighting setup—ya know, the shit that makes the IC a party—that’s his job.  He built the website and figures out all the backend technical stuff when we wanna get weird with gifs and other stuff. More importantly though, is the support and flexibility they provide us at home.  They take the kids and make meals; they do drop-offs and pick-ups and last-minute schedule changes so we can tend to all of the million little things that come up on a daily basis. If we are the bike, they are the wheels—they speed us up when we need it and slow us down when necessary.  They keep us moving and balanced, and without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

So, #THANKYOU, Jon and Rich.  Our Inner Cycle dreams would never have come true without you, and with your help and support, the four of us have built something really freaking awesome. Now go whip up some dinner, we have a class to teach.  xo