Meet Stacie! Image

Stacie is a long time veteran spinner going on 16 months riding with us at the studio. You’ll find her tucked in and unassuming against the wall on the second or third tier, but she’s a quiet riot on the spin bike! A bit on the quiet side, it took awhile to get her to oblige me with a photo op and interview. So I’ll keep it short and sweet and stick to the facts! Below are her answers to our pressing questions…

  • Occupation: Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Residence: Beverly, MA
  • Itunes or Spotify: Itunes!
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook!
  • Something different about Stacie that you wouldn’t know: Stacie was a Bay State Games athlete for synchronized swimming… (AWESOME!)
  • Fav Thing About Spin: Every ride is different- you never get bored
  • Fav Position (to spin!): Seated climb
  • Fav Time to Spin: Weekend mornings
  • Fav Fuel: Papa Gino’s Pizza